Self Portraits
Over the years, I've created a few self portraits. The first one was while I was still in graduate school. A body cast created with mailing tape, shredded rug yarn and wax spoke to the process of aging and falling apart while at the same time maturing. The second, a performance piece Foresaking, spoke to my relationship with my mother and her descent into the dementia of Alzheimer's Disease - telling her stories, both the painful ones as well as the stories that spoke to the amazing woman she was throughout her life. The third one shows three generations with a bust of my mother, a bust of my daughter and a video performance of me. The last two self portraits are also body casts of mailing tape in different settings.

Self Portrait, CSU Chico, 1976, mailing tape, wax, rug yarn.

Forsaking: A Performance Piece in Progress, performed at CSU Humboldt, 1991 and Highways, Santa Monica 1992. slides, mixed media

Self Portrait in Some of My Best Friends are Artists, curated by Jill D'Angenica, Los Angeles, 1996, video, bronze, wood, copper

Self Portrait, Long Beach City Collge, 1984, mailing tape, paperback

Self Portrait, Santa Ana Community College, 1976, mailing tape, wax