Thickening the Plot: Reclaiming, Restoring, Refreshing
Created for the group exhibit Thickening the Plot at Angels Gate Cultural Center in 2010.
The labryinth created by Ruth Ann Anderson and Jill D’Agnenica’s collaborative effort (with a lot of help from Isabella D'Agnenica) is both a site for performance and a growing sculptural organism. This timed based work touches upon traditional garden design, dance and performance history and the legacy of earth works while engaging the specificity of the site on the San Pedro hill between two barracks. Informed by both ritual purification practice and celebratory of the spectacle of domestic tasks, their work remains embedded in the field to morph over time.
The labyrinth is a path for transformation. It is a container for the creative imagination to align with our heart’s desire. It is a place where we can profoundly, yet playfully, experience our soul’s longing and intention. It is a walking meditation. A letting go (enter), illumination (center) and union (return). The entrance becomes the exit. As walkers entered the path, they were invited to choose a rock upon which to write their intentions. At the center of the labyrinth, walkers could leave their intentions in a community pond. In the center of the pond burned a flame.

Tilling the soil laying the outline

preparing to plant baking the bread

the center pond the finished labyrinth

walking with intention a meditation walk