Beautiful Simplicities Within The Folds Of time, To create music, thoughts, rythyms and rhyms. I am a centerfold of reality, becoming new every day. A poet, an artest, a musician, and now a broadcaster. Each moment is new. Each breathe a creation of the devine. Look within, and you may touch upon a mind enfolded in continuations of realities. Welcome to my world.



Dark News Drama


a spectrum known as human, a person who experiences life through art, music, poetry, contemplation, love, insight, and compassion

My name is Teela Bright, and I am a complex of vibrations, nuero transmitters, thoughts, patterns, and talent hidden within my self. I am a licensed security guard, poet, painter, musician, and freelance writer of sorts. I am currently in the integrated media program at Mount Hood Community College, aspiring to be a broadcaster

My story is this. I am healing from a major car accident that could have taken my life, it is good to count my blessings. I am in transition, a change trying to get myself back, piece by piece, drop by drop. I am so determined to live a good life, and I refused to give up love. I got married in the ICU ward, looking outside of my home, to the trees and the sky for love I knew was everywhere.

I use to be many charachters in life, a travelling musician, street poet, circus performer of sorts, a pirate reinactor, vaudvillian in my own right. Always performing somewhere, in some city. I moved to portland to settle down, and used my skills to develope a new life. I went from musician and poet onstage to a security officer and bouncer off stage. Now I am exploring behind the scenes, on the radio.

The poetry of each breathe, of each step, and of each moment this life has to offer, I have to remember who saved me. Call it what you will, but there is something out there, a beutiful loving thing full of compassion and guidance. I call it Quantum.